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Innovative, Great Value Web Collaboration Solutions

Meet with Anyone, Anywhere and Work Together as if you are Sitting Together.

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Power your business with more collaboration

Connect more people and share information ideas faster and more efficiently. Web collaboration offers new levels of productivity while eliminating the need for pricey conferencing services.

Bringing people together can be expensive. From business travel to managing office space, team coordination requires a deep investment in cost and time. Enter the power of web collaboration.

Web Collaboration is a zero-footprint solution. Implementation takes seconds and leaves behind nothing. It’s simply a better way to meet.

With a single click, the intuitive interface lets you switch media, screens and even moderators. And because it’s all in a single solution, without per-use charges, you can eliminate costly conferencing service fees.


Business Benefits of Web Collaboration

  • Freedom to collaborate without meeting.
  • Review documents on the fly.
  • Escalate complex discussions from auditory to visual in midstream.
  • Hire the best candidate for your team without worrying about where he or she lives.
  • Faster problem-solving, faster decision-making and a faster path to a competitive advantage.

Key features of Web Collaboration

  • Seamlessly and securely share documents, videos and other media with a click.
  • Connect from desktops, smart phones and tablets.
  • Group and individual chat.
  • See faces and reactions in real time.
  • Fully available on our mobile client – you can collaborate wherever you need to be.


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