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Cranberry Communications Case Studies

Business Telecoms Case Studies
BSW Heating/ShoreTel Case Study logo

BSW Case Study

A new ShoreTel system after a significant increase in the number of employees.

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Praxsoft/Unify Case Study logo

Praxsoft Case Study

Praxsoft updates its customer support with OpenScape Office LX – resilient and scalable Unified Communications from Unify.

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Empire Cinemas/8x8 Case Study logo

Empire Cinemas Case Study

As with many retailers, Empire Cinemas has specific communication requirements in three main areas: Customer facing and servicing, Back office, Front of office.

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Higgs & Sons/ShoreTel Case Study logo

Higgs & Sons Solicitors Case Study

Communication is key to Higgs & Sons’ success, they take pride in high levels of customer satisfaction, but an ageing telephony system resulted in clients calling a round robin of phone numbers to reach partners.

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MG Owners Club/Unify Case Study logo

MG Owners' Club  Case Study

“We are delighted with the benefits that the new generation HiPath 3000 equipment brings. The integrated contact centre works very well and the training has really helped improve productivity in our office.” Richard Monk, MD.

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Servoca/8x8 Case Study logo

Servoca Ltd Case Study

Servoca relies on the telephone to stay in constant touch with business partners, candidates as well as the network on the whole 24/7. Servoca needed a reliable communications solution to live up to the demands of this busy environment.

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RASE/ShoreTel Case Study logo

RASE Case Study

Royal Agricultural Society of England Gains a Cash Cow with ShoreTel. Upgrading an aging digital telephony system in time for an office relocation to add flexibility and improve the Society’s services.

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Horndean College/Unify Case Study logo

Horndean Tech College Case Study

HiPath 3800 and OpenScape Office HX solution have enabled Horndean to cut telephony costs, improve customer service and boost employees’ efficiency.

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McDonalds/8x8 Case Study logo

McDonalds Case Study

Find out how a a fully hosted solution with predictable monthly costs and highly reliable uptime for 20 restaurants reduced the client’s phone bill by 35% while uptime has never been higher.

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Trafford College/ShoreTel Case Study logo

Trafford College Case Study

When North and South Trafford Colleges merged, the newly formed Trafford College needed a flexible and reliable system that would provide seamless communication across the college’s four sites.

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Conservatree/ShoreTel Case Study logo

Conservatree Case Study

Conservatree, a graphic design and print company, knew it wanted to find an alternative supplier that would offer an IP-based communications system at a reasonable price and not tie it into any future upgrades.

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