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Hosted Business Phone System Benefits

Cloud computing is becoming an infinitely more popular way of acquiring new technologies and is often also referred to as “hosted” or “software as a service” (SaaS). Businesses can utilise applications that are located in a secure data centre and pay a monthly subscription, safe in the knowledge that the vendor is responsible for configuring and managing them rather than having to purchase outright, install and maintain themselves. These applications are accessed via the internet or a private connection. The advantages of the cloud phone system are endless.




Hosted is good, managed is better


You Can Focus On The Phone Call, We’ll Focus On The Phone System

A well-managed phone system feels easy.  It just works. We’ve discovered that a fully managed cloud phone system is what users need to get real impact out of the complexity and power of VoIP services, especially for changing, growing, dynamic companies.


Unified communications as a service is growing - for good reasons




If your IT resources are being devoted to administering your business phone system, this can restrict your departments from being able to concentrate on key business strategies. This diversion limits your organisation’s ability to be a front-runner in your field. Your business can eliminate those IT stresses, reduce costs and make your teams more available to concentrate on your business by choosing a cloud-based VoIP system. If phone systems aren’t the business you’re in, why waste useful resources looking after one?

Selection of a cloud based VoIP alternative eliminates those IT headaches, reduces resource costs and frees up your team to work projects that relate to your core business. 



As businesses grow, their needs change. By accessing one centralised software platform in the cloud, customers can request and take advantage of new features and capabilities, which can be added and made available to all customers at the same time without any disruption, effort or new hardware requirements.  Choosing a cloud-based VoIP telephone system is one way to future-proof your business and lay the foundation for a suite of the latest in collaboration and mobility solutions.

Cloud VoIP solutions allow you to protect your business’s voice just like your protect the integrity of your networks.


Mobility And Uniformity

As we become increasingly mobile and remote work becomes standard operating procedure, companies are looking for more efficient ways to keep their team united even when they are physically apart. Cloud based phone systems can make remote work seamless.  People working from home, hotels, or even the beach can make, take and manage a call just like they were sitting at their desk.

The difficulty in integrating technology and telephony across many locations is another reason why cloud VoIP solutions are popular.  They allow easier implementations and uniform deployments.  Users have the same experience, and all your locations sound the same to callers.  Four-digit dialing between offices and the ability to transfer calls from one location to another improves efficiency and customer service.  In addition, locations can back each other up during peak call times or emergencies and resources in different time zones can be leveraged to meet client needs.

The difficulty in leveraging technology and telephony across many locations is another reason why cloud VoIP solutions are popular.


Disaster Recovery – Reliability, Resiliency, Redundancy

The cloud VoIP model provides an embedded continuity plan that’s built into your implementation.  In fact there are two types of DR plans; loss of connectivity and inability to get into the office.  While clients and prospects may assume that a bounced email is a technical glitch, they tend to regard a fast busy signal as a sign that a company has gone out of business.  Cloud VoIP solutions allow you to protect your business’s voice just like your protect the integrity of your networks.

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