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The customer experience has evolved to be the main focus for businesses, as consumer expectations now centre around personalisation and convenience.

To ensure high customer retention levels businesses must now look at new and improved ways to serve their clients through not just voice, but email, text, Twitter, Facebook, web chat, chatbots, video and instant messaging.

Improve customer interactions from start to finish.

These feature-rich contact centres no longer cost as much as a house. Cloud Contact Centres (aka contact centre as a service solution or “CCaaS”) use the latest most up to date technology. Cloud Contact Centres enable businesses of any size, to leverage all the latest customer service technology, without worrying about the huge IT investments associated with legacy on-premise call centres.

Learn more about the 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre
Learn more about Mitel MiCloud Contact Centre

Call Centre Agent from only £2.50 per day!


Let your customers contact you in the most convenient medium that suits them, using the latest up to date cloud contact centre solution on a subscription model, from as little as the daily cost of a Starbucks coffee. Cranberry offer contact centre solutions from Gartner magic quadrant leader in CCaaS 8x8 Contact Centres and UCaaS leaders Mitel Contact Centres.

Cloud Contact Centres vs Traditional Contact Centres

Cloud contact centres provide almost identical features and capabilities as those of a traditional contact centre that you have likely become accustomed to. The key difference between a cloud and a traditional contact centre relates to the surrounding IT - whether the service is housed in a data centre within one of your offices or instead elsewhere in the public cloud.

Though it may seem trivial to a contact centre manager, it can have a large number of benefits for your teams. By simply changing the way your contact centre software is provided to the offices, you can gain a whole host of benefits.

Learn more about the 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre
Learn more about Mitel MiCloud Contact Centre

Cloud Contact Centre Features

IC_Workflow copy

  Skills Based Routing

  • Skills-based routing matches callers with the call centre agents who can meet their needs.
  • Get customers to the right person — fast.
  • Skills-based routing boosts first-call resolution rates
  • Saves your organisation money
  • Improves customer satisfaction.

Route based on:

  • Agent skills – things like product knowledge or language spoken
  • Channel being used – voice, chat, email, social media, etc.
  • Priority of customers or their problems – such as premium support for the best customers, or the level of impact of an issue.
  • Service Levels - If Support Queue time is too long, automatically route calls to Sales teams until Queue time is reduced

  Self Service & Agent App

  • IVR - Quickly connect callers with agents and streamline customer flow with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature. 
  • Queued Callbacks - Eliminate long hold times. Queued callback lets waiting callers opt out of the hold queue without losing their place in line, and receive a callback as soon as an agent becomes available.
  • FAQ Knowledge Base - An FAQ knowledge base turns every agent into an expert and ensures customers receive accurate, consistent information.
  • Agent Desktop App - Desktop Apps ensures your agents are able to provide the fastest and most efficient service to your customers on any channel. 

  Reporting & Analytics

  • Contact Center Analytics Gain continuous insights into agent performance and contact centre operations. Spot trends fast and see how your customers are being served across all channels and in different areas of the business, and learn how your agents are performing against critical metrics.
  • Wallboards Real-Time Monitoring for Your Contact Centre. Stay on top of everything with real-time monitoring including: Queue information Interactions in progress Agent statsOther key performance indicators (KPIs) 
  • Speech Analytics Voice of the customer insights enable companies to optimize customer experiences through data-driven decisions. With powerful Speech Analytics, you can now analyse a full spectrum of your customer interactions and listen to the most important ones, rather than randomly selecting a small percentage of calls and hoping to identify patterns and problem areas.

Multi Channel Contact Centre Stats



49% of ALL interactions now via Web chat, Facebook, Twitter, Text or Email


23% cheaper via digital channel interaction compared to phone call


8x8 Virtual Contact Centre

Improve customer interactions and agent productivity with the powerful, easy-to-use, 8x8 cloud-based call centre solution.
Learn more about the 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre

Enhanced Cloud Contact Centre Features


  Multi Channel

  • Omni-channel / Multi-Channel - Customers demand a broad range of ways to contact businesses including voice, email, web chat, IM, SMS and social channels (Facebook Messenger & Twitter)  – don’t fall short of their expectations.
  • Co-browsing - Increase sales and reduce customer frustration by offering a helping hand on your web page with 8x8’s Co-browsing feature. Learn more.
  • Proactive Chat - Selectively extend chat to your most important web visitors while balancing the existing demands on your service organization. Customers appreciate the attention during their time of need, while your sales teams engage with high-value prospects. Learn about Proactive Chat.
  • Web Callback - Most customers start their interactions with you on the web. With Web Callback your customers can get access to the people who can help them with the touch of a button without having to wait on hold. Learn more about Web Callback.
  • CRM Integration - Boost lifetime customer value with CRM integration. “Screen Pop” customer contact records before answering the call. Popular integrations are NetSuite, Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics. Agents see customers’ individual histories before they even pick up the phone, for more satisfying exchanges. Upsell, cross-sell and increase customer loyalty with these high-performance combinations.
IPS_MiVoice Connect CC-2

  Speech Analytics

  • Analyse a full spectrum of your customer interactions
  • Root cause analysis - Identify why people are calling and recognize common issues to drive process improvements.
  • Trendspotting - See the big picture with at-a-glance visual depictions of common customer topics.
  • Emotional intelligence - Understand customer sentiment to prevent churn and ensure high quality, empathetic customer service.
  • Opportunity identification - Discover customer needs for new products and services as well as upsell possibilities.
  • Actionable intelligence - Unearth any issues with agent adherence to scripts. A
IC_System Interface-3

  Workforce Optimisation

  • Quality Management - Your agents are your front line to your customers. When agents don’t perform, you hurt your customer relationships. Quality Management software helps to maximize agent efficiency and productivity.
  • Proactive Outbound - When Inbound agents are not busy - automatically drive outbound, sales or service calls from within your own campaigns. Business rule flexibility improves right party contacts, thereby improving collections and sales rates.
  • Team Messaging & Collaboration - Don’t isolate your agents and customers from the experts with the answers. Connect your contact centre agents with the experts across the company with shared presence, chat, click-to-call dialing and easy transfers.
  • Increased first contact resolution: break down the barriers between agents and experts to increase first call resolution by 30% or more.
  • Shortened call durations: When agents can get to the experts with answers, interactions are more efficient, increasing customer satisfaction while reducing costs.
  • Workforce Management solutions to help you better serve your customers and control contact centre costs through powerful forecasting, scheduling and reporting capabilities. 

Mitel Cloud Phone System

Transform customer journeys into omnichannel experiences. Those experiences empower customers to engage with you on their terms while optimising your workforce. 

Learn more about Mitel MiCloud Contact Centre

8x8 Virtual Contact Centre

Learn more about the Cloud Contact Centre from 8x8

Mitel MiCloud Contact Centre

Learn more about the Cloud Contact Centre from Mitel

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Contact Centre Pricing

Successful relationships start with a first step.

Cranberry Contact Centre Design, Implementation & Training Services

Cranberry Services for Cloud Contact Centre ensure successful deployments that help our customers revolutionise customer service. Realise the fastest time to value and the best system utilization for years to come—from basic voice-based call centers to complex, multi-channel systems with CRM integrations and global, multi-site operations.

  • Solution Design
  • Project Management
  • Deplyoment
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Solution Design

Program Initialisation:
Start with a kickoff meeting to bring together key stakeholders within Cranberry and you the customer. Identify scope, key requirements, risks, gaps, and timeline. Establish the project team.

Solution Design:
Gather detailed requirements, perform a thorough network assessment, identify all customer interaction and call flows, prepare number porting documentation, and provide the system design required to meet your organization’s unique needs including:

• Call Queues
• Service Levels
• Skill-based routing
• Disaster Recovery
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System Setup and Number Porting

Build and configure:

• Schedules (Day, Night, Weekends, Holidays etc)
• Call Queues
• Scripts
• Agents

Cranberry will manage the whole number porting process and coordinate test contact centre system before numbers are ported.
We will also coordinate the CRM and back-office system integration with the Contact Centre - taking the stress away from you.
Multiethnic group of young people sitting in conference room and brainstorming on business meeting
Confident manager checking his employees work in the office

Testing, Validation & Training

Testing: Ensure systems and scripts are performing as expected

Validation: Identify and correct unexpected behaviour in various error conditions


  1. Supervisor Training
  2. Contact Centre Manager Training
  3. Train the Trainer sessions
  4. Agent Training

Seamless transition to technical support team and regular review sessions within the first 6 months.


Confident manager checking his employees work in the office

Business Phone Systems from Cranberry:

Mitel MiCloud Phone System

8x8 Cloud Phone System

8x8 Polycom IP Handsets

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Whether you are a small business or a global brand, Cranberry Communications help organisations achieve their business goals and reduce costs using our Communication Stack (Voice, Data, Wi-Fi & Internet). The dedicated team at Cranberry have a total commitment to your success. 
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