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    Vodafone Business Sims


    Vodafone – Built for Business

    • Custom Business Packages

    • Best Network for Business by the Mobile Industry Awards 2021

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    At Cranberry we understand keeping pace with digital development can be challenging, Vodafone are constantly investing in new technologies to provide a platform for businesses of all sizes to innovate, achieve and stay connected. 

    Our Vodafone Unlimited SIM plans start at £20, Vodafone Business includes superfast 5G at no extra cost, up to 10x times quicker than 4G. Available almost anywhere, enterprises can build a 5G Mobile Private Network (MPN), allowing businesses to enjoy the benefits of 5G today, without relying on the public network rollout.




    Why buy through us?

    Telecoms Relocation


    Cranberry provide a Customer Management Portal when you buy your business SIM plans through us, this allows you to manage your entire estate of SIMs all in one place, set and monitor data alerts with at-a-glance monitoring, and more.

    Order Vodafone Business Sims for your Limited Company Today!

    We price differently from others, offering a price per user for Pro and Enterprise features.


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