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On-Premises Solutions

On-Premises (or On-Premise) telecoms solutions are essentially phone systems where the software and switch required is run from a server on your Business Premises. 

Cranberry offer two On-Premises business telephone systems; Unify systems and ShoreTel systems. Take a look at the pages below for more information to help you choose a manufacturer...

Deciding Between On-Premises and Cloud Hosted?

There are costs benefits of buying an On-Premises solution just are there are costs and benefits to buying a Cloud Hosted Solution.


The initial and setup costs for a hosted solution will be lower with a Hosted system than for an On-Premises solution. However in terms of on-going costs an On-Premises solution may prove better value over the lifetime of the system.

  • Pro: Lower on-going costs
  • Pro: No risk of fee increases
  • Con: Higher setup costs
  • Con: Unknown long-term maintenance costs

Future Expansion

The potential for future expansion is more a matter of control and timeframe than of locking yourself into any firm limitations. Both on-premise and hosted solutions leave you room for expansion and growth.

  • Pro: You have complete control and flexibility – you can even switch solutions or mix-and-match.
  • Con: Every expansion increases the complexity you have to manage yourself.


Control is generally at the heart of a decision between a Hosted or On-Premises solution in terms of strategy. You may prefer to keep control as much as possible internally, even at the potential for added cost, work and complexity. You may want to outsource as much as possible to keep internal focus on core business – even if that decision ends up costing more.

  • Pro: You really do have control over every detail. An easy-to-use solution with careful management will give you a solution that matches your needs better than anything else can.
  • Con: You have control – now you have to exercise it…


 A hosted solution provider will be prepared to work with you to add the features you need and require and will also be prepared to become more flexible as market needs arise. However it will always be a common solution for all the provider’s customers and it will take the service provider longer to implement it than you could do yourself with an On-Premises solution.

  • Pro: You can do what you want with your equipment!
  • Con: You may not have enough resources to do complex, expensive or difficult things where a service provider might be able to do them for its' many customers.


This is one of the areas where choosing between Hosted and On-Premises makes a real difference. A Hosted service is often cheaper, easier and possibly quicker to implement. You will have to weigh that against the On-Premises advantages in control, options and flexibility.

  • Pro: You will know your system’s capabilities a lot better if you implement it yourself.
  • Con: Cost, speed and requirement for in-house expertise.

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