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Cloud Backup

Solution for data back-up and restore for data security and business continuity

Why Cloud Back-up?

Data is at the heart of every business operation. From crucial financial records to customer information, losing data can be catastrophic. That's where Cloud Backup and Restore comes into play as a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your data and ensuring business continuity.

Why must every organisation back up their data?

What is Acronis Cloud Backup and Restore from Cranberry?

Acronis is a leading name in data protection and cybersecurity, and their Cloud Backup and Restore solution is a robust offering designed to meet the data backup and recovery needs of businesses, both small and large.

Key Features and Benefits

Why Cranberry?

We get it, choosing providers is hard and there’s lots of companies and providers offering so many solutions. At Cranberry we’ve been in the industry for over 20 years so we get how hard it can be. We think we have the perfect mix of value, experience and UK support to make sure your systems work as you need them too.

UK Support

Whilst our systems have industry leading uptime sometimes things can go wrong! That’s where we come into our own, by default we offer 1, 2, 4 & 8-hour response times depending on the severity of your issue. However, we also offer immediate support for any major incidents, where we have anaverage response time of 15 minutes.

Cranberry Customers

Cranberry has truly been an amazing IT management partner that I highly recommend to anyone seeking to streamline their IT operations and enhance their business's overall productivity. Their expertise and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals, including obtaining our Cyber Essentials certification. Thank you, Cranberry, for your exceptional service and support!

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