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Business-Grade Data Connections


Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines

A leased line is a dedicated fibre connection which runs from a your premises to the Ethernet core network usually via a BT Exchange.

Ethernet Fibre is one of the best options to go for, whether you’re a small or large company – with speeds ranging from 10Mbps up to 1000Mbps. There is an option to “re-grade” the line if your original chosen speeds aren’t quite enough.

If you’re looking for a reliable, dedicated connection – without the risk of your connection slowing down, then this is the product for you. Of course, it’s the most expensive option to go for, but you pay for what you get – guaranteed speeds with a secure & fast connection.

Fibre Ethernet is an un-contended service - i.e. nobody else shares the connection, unlike broadband. It is a highly secure and resilient option that’s great for businesses that need to maintain an ‘always on’ connection.

Often considered the pinnacle of connectivity solutions, leased lines offer fast upload and download speeds on an exclusive connection, enabling businesses to function at the speed that they want to. What’s more, a leased line isn’t synonymous with an Internet connection - it can be used to carry a number of different types of data traffic including phone calls and internal network traffic.There isn’t a fixed cost for an Ethernet connection, it’s purely based on your location and whether it’s already been installed in your office.


How Much?

 from £180 per month.
Free installation with a 3 or 5 year term.

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Internet Connectivity Costs

Our family of data services includes SoGEA Fibre Broadband, Fibre Broadband, Full Fibre Broadband, Fibre Ethernet and Converged Private Networks (MPLS).

These services are suitable for businesses of all sizes, from single to multi-site locations and are designed to support the continual demands for faster data access.


Fibre Ethernet


Dedicated 1 to 1 Connection 

10Mbps to 1Gbps

includes managed router

Starting from

£180pm £0 Connection
Minimum Contract Length
36 Months
Lead Time
65 Days 
  • 100Mbps or 1Gbps circuits

  • Robust SLAs 

  • 6 hour break fix time

  • Includes 8 static IP addresses

  • 24/7 UK-based support


FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)


Dedicated 1 to 1 Connection 

up to 1Gbps

router required

Monthly Cost

£59 £80 Connection
Minimum Contract Length
12 Months
Lead Time
15 Days 
  • Great Value

  • 1Gbps Download

  • 220Mbps Upload

  • Fast installation

  • Robust SLAs

  • Includes 1 static IP

  • 24/7 UK-based support



SoGEA Fibre Broadband


Contended Connection

up to 80Mbps

router required

Monthly Cost

£44.95 £80 Connection
Minimum Contract Length
12 Months
Lead Time
10 Days 
  • Phone Line not required

  • Good Value

  • Fast Installation

  • 24/7 UK-based support


Broadband Fibre


Contended Connection

up to 80Mbps

router required

Monthly Cost

£29.95 £80 Connection
Minimum Contract Length
12 Months
Lead Time
10 Days 
  • Requires Phone Line

  • Good Value

  • Fast Installation

  • 24/7 UK-based support

Internet Connectivity

Business is Changing
We’re becoming ever more reliant on the internet and exploring a new generation of applications and cloud services.

But businesses are being held back. Our outdated digital infrastructure is unable to cope with the volume of data we are producing – leading to dropouts and slowdowns, and limiting our ability to grow.

Be Smart
Smart organisations are preparing to make sure they remain relevant and competitive through the adoption and integration of fibre internet connectivity.

Internet copy

Why use Cranberry Internet?

High Performance


  • Our services are ideal for applications that need assured throughput across  a high-performance, low-latency network
  • Underpinned by a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Cost SavingsCost savings

  • We can provide voice communications and internet over a consolidated, Quality of Service (QoS) enabled network
  • Significant savings without sacrificing service performance or quality.
Network Quality

  Quality and Reliability

  • As a market leader in IP telephony, we know the importance of the underlying network delivering a quality, reliable voice service
  • Providing our customers with an unrivalled end-to-end service

CoverageNational Network

  • National next-generation network is the product of millions of pounds of investment
  • Provides the ideal platform for the applications and services core to your business
Cloud Services

  Enabler for cloud

  • As you move applications and services to the cloud, you can feel confident that we can give you the right connection
  • Reliable and high-quality access to your Cloud Voice & Data services

Single SSupportupplier

  • Reduce your supply chain management overhead and benefit from having just one supplier
  • One bill and a single point of contact with a dedicated account manager

Fibre Ethernet Questions:

Do I need Ethernet for my business?

Fibre Ethernet is now the de facto high-speed connectivity technology of choice, as organisations seek to capitalise on the increasing demand for more bandwidth provided over fast and reliable technology. As more services and applications are being positioned over Ethernet, driven by cloud-based and hosted technologies, there is strong demand for both a decrease in costs and an enhancement to the service wrap.

How easy and how much is it to install?

Our high speed, scalable Ethernet products can be delivered in as little as 30 days for EFM and 60 days for Fibre Ethernet. 


How resilient is Ethernet?

Our optional resilient failover solution gives you the assurance of enhanced service availability levels to support business-critical applications and provides high protection against unforeseen network incidents. We have a range of failover options for increasing the resiliency of your primary service from FTTC Broadband backup right through to Fibre Ethernet solutions routed via different exchanges and network nodes for the highest level of resiliency.

Is Ethernet right for cloud?

Organisations of all sizes are already in the cloud (IP telephony, hosted applications like SharePoint or Salesforce and even remotely backing up individual PCs). But as this trend increases, so does the need for high-performance, reliable and fast connections. Our family of Ethernet services provides businesses with this essential foundation.


How secure is Ethernet?

Ethernet is inherently secure because it operates as a point-to-point service over a dedicated network infrastructure. However, if a connection is provided to the internet, additional security services such as firewalls will need to be implemented. 


Can I use existing fibre installed at our premises?

All quotations assume existing fibre is present and available for use as per the industry standard. A site survey will still have to be carried out to ascertain whether the correct fibre is present and available for use. This can only be determined following the submission of an order.


Benefits of Cranberry Ethernet

High capacity and flexible connectivity

Cranberry's Fibre Ethernet service delivers up to 1Gbps dedicated bandwidth. Start small and upgrade later.

Dedicated, uncontended bandwidth

The high availability and low latency afforded by our next-generation network makes this the ideal connectivity for cloud-based services.

Voice and data convergence

Reap cost savings by consolidating voice and data. Get the confidence of dealing with the market leader in IP telephony.

24/7 monitoring and helpdesk

Our services are monitored and supported 24/7 to ensure consistency of performance and immediate response to issues.


Managed Cisco router

We manage the Cisco router on your premises to keep it running at peak performance.

Service Level Agreement

Our comprehensive SLAs cover delivery, performance, availability and time to fix, giving you peace of mind and leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

Resilient failover

Local resilience using failover at your premises and resilient network links for peace of mind.

Maximise productivity

Provide employees with quick, reliable access to critical files and applications they need.


Discover Business Grade, High-Speed Data Connectivity

Our family of data services includes Broadband (with FTTC and Converged Voice and Data), Ethernet and Converged Private Networks (CPN), provided across a UK-wide network. These services are suitable for businesses of all sizes, from single site to multisite locations and are designed to support the continual demands for faster data access.

With more and more applications moving from customer premises and into the cloud, it’s essential for you to be able to connect your business and workforce reliably and at high speeds.

Our data services provide this essential connectivity platform on which you can run your business communications and converge both your voice and internet connections onto a single network, delivering cost savings and assured service quality.

With a diverse data services portfolio including Broadband, Ethernet and MPLS enabled Converged Private Networks, we have the right service for supporting voice and business-critical applications across any number of sites.


How does Cranberry ensure quality?


The network was conceived and engineered specifically for business users. This means that at peak times your time-critical and business-critical applications will always be prioritised. Quality is assured through:
•  Extensive monitoring of all elements and metrics within the call path both TDM and IP
•  Proactive call testing and analysis for all platforms and services
•  Appropriate and timely alerts of potential issues and ‘hot spots’ to our 24×7 Network Operations Centre
•  Review of external and internal reports including customer feedback via support desks
•  Strict Change Control and Release Management process aligned with our suppliers and carrier partners to prevent related quality or service issues

Data Networking Solutions as a Service

With the explosion of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Cloud Applications, Data Growth and Cloud Voice all making demands and pushing IT infrastructures to the limit - now is the time to rethink your networking strategy.

Adopt a Pay as you go strategy to free up your scarce IT resources, budget and time.  

Latest Network Infrastructure ts a low monthly cost

Gigabit Wi-Fi for a low monthly subscription

Super-fast Internet to Drive Your Business Forward

Passionate about Voice and Data since 2001

Cranberry has been providing business phone systems and data solutions to organisations throughout the UK since 2001. Our dedicated support and engineering team have many years experience delivering bespoke phone system solutions to 1000's of businesses.