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On-Premise Business Phone System

Mitel MiVoice Connect


Talk. Chat. Collaborate. Interact.

MiVoice Connect is a fully-featured Unified Communication and collaboration solution that empowers users to work more efficiently and productively no matter their location.

Mitel focuses on ease-of-use and the mobile workstyle delivers streamlined features and intuitive interfaces so users can easily interact with each other and not have to focus on making the software work.

Cranberry has been a ShoreTel partner since 2011. Mitel acquired ShoreTel in 2017, at which point Cranberry became a Mitel Silver Partner.



Phone, Chat, & Collaborate All in One


  Desktop App

  • Intuitive desktop App with seamless integration with Outlook/Office 365 and Google G-suite contacts.

  • Enahnced Prodcutivity with availability status (presence), instant messaging, visual voicemail and much more.

  • Time Saver- integrated softphone, Web dialer, click to call, and One-click meeting joining - for PC & Mac

IPS_Set up conference-1


  • Supports up to 100 participants simultaneously

  • HD Quality - with Screen sharing and a unique meeting ID per session

  • Easy to Setup, Easy to join 

  • Requires Server & Licenses

IGB_Text messaging-1

  Mobile App

  • Dashboard: Easily view upcoming events, recent activities and join meetings in one click.

  • PBX Features: Stay connected on the go with features such as voicemail, hold, transfer and more.

  • Wi-Fi/Cellular Call Handover: Never lose a call due to bad reception or Wi-Fi.

  • Requires Server & Licenses

Unified Communications


MiVoice Connect brings together all of your communications and collaboration tools into one simple interface.

Quickly and easily find contacts, check their availability and connect with them via phone, IM, screen sharing or conference calling, without having to open a separate window or log in to new applications.

  • Never miss a call anywhere on any device

  • Improve productivity

  • One user experience

  • Simple, secure & scalable

  • Browser-based system management software

  • Integration with Salesforce, G-suite and many other apps

  • Voice, chat, mobility - all in one service

  • N+1 Redundancy option

MiVoice Connect is designed to increase productivity, bring distributed teams together and enable on-the-go workers.

Mitel MiCloud Connect Apps

MiVoice Connect makes it easy to interact with others in ways that you prefer.

Robust communications and collaboration tools, and easy-to-use UI allow you to connect with others from anywhere, on any device.

  • MiVoice Connect App
  • MiVoice Mobility App
  • MiCloud Collaboration
6940 trio Connect-1

Client Dashboard Experience

The MiVoice Connect client is there when you need it, and stays out of the way when you don’t. The slim control panel can be compressed to fit your needs making it easy to interact and collaborate with others without taking up your entire screen.

Favourites: Quickly access the people and groups you interact with the most.
Event Wizard: Schedule calls and conferences and add presenters, agendas, invitations and more.
Integration: Outlook, G Suite and ICS calendars for presence, scheduling, meeting invitations and conferences.
Directory: Quickly locate contacts by name, number or extension and place a call.
Personal Preferences: Set presence (availability status) and personal call handling.
People: View co-workers’ presence and organize contacts into favourites and groups.
Messages: Chat with individual users or create group chats.

6940 trio Connect-1
MiCloud Android_iPhone

Bring Mitel Connect with You Wherever You Go

Ensure you never miss a call and save costs on hardware with Mitel Connect for iOS and Android. The Mitel Connect mobile app brings together all of the call handling, conferencing and directory features of your Mitel Connect desk phone so users can work from anywhere.

With the mobile app, you can use your personal device without utilizing your carrier minutes. Calls are received and sent through your Mitel Connect enterprise number so you never have to give your personal cell number, can quickly access your personal and Mitel Connect contacts and save on unnecessary carrier expenses.

- Dashboard: Easily view upcoming events, recent activities and join meetings in one click.
- An “in-office” communications experience from anywhere
- PBX Features: Stay connected on the go with features such as voicemail, hold, transfer and more.
- Work at home or from any remote location
- Wi-Fi/Cellular Call Handover: Never lose a call due to bad reception or Wi-Fi.
- Reduce costs and support BYOD seamlessly and securely
- Improve team communication and productivity
- Security: SRTP

MiCloud Android_iPhone

Team Collaboration Software

Take the guesswork out of working together. With a great team collaboration tool, you can stop wasting time switching between tools and searching for answers—bringing everything into one intuitive experience so you can focus on getting stuff done.

- Single interface for talk, chat, work streams, video, collaboration, conferencing, etc.
- Conversations mirrored across devices in real time
- Easy document sharing and notation
- Screen sharing
- Intuitive interface
Single way to reach employees
- Integrates with IT infrastructure


Add rich, collaboration capabilities to meetings, whether planned or impromptu, with video, desktop sharing, and document collaboration. Plus, you can make it possible for workgroups and others outside the business to share ideas and work together toward common project goals. 



MiVoice Connect License Costs

Every business has unique communications needs. MiVoice Connect’s UC features are packaged into 4 different profiles so you can subscribe to the features right for your business. Mitel gives you the flexibility to mix and match service levels, allowing you to easily adapt to changing business demands as they arise. Pricing plans are outlined below:



License Cost

£101 Plus £42 installation

MiVoice Telephony Entry level user

Ideal for a lobby phone

  • Direct Dial (DID) phone number

  • PBX Features

  • Voicemail

  • Audio Conferencing (ad hoc 3-party)

  • "Find Me" call routing options (a.k.a. "mobile extension")



License Cost

£127 Plus £42 installation
As MiVoice Telephony

PLUS all the following features:
  • Phone License (Extension & Mailbox)

  • Connect Director

  • Connect Client

  • Audio Conferencing (8-Party)

  • Desktop Sharing1

  • Video Calling

  • Instant Messaging1

  • Presence

  • Softphone

  • Outlook® / G Suite® Integration

  • Connect Telephony for Microsoft

  • Web & App Dialers

  • Find Me, Follow Me

  • Mobile App1

  • Remote Phone License

  • Salesforce® / CRM Integration

  • Operator

  • Workgroups

1 Requires server and licensing



License Cost

£190 Plus £42 installation
As MiVoice Essentials

PLUS all the following features:
  • Remote Phone License

  • Salesforce® / CRM Integration




License Cost

£318 Plus £42 installation
As MiCloud Premier

PLUS all the following features:
  • Operator/Receptionist Console

  • Workgroups




Mitel IP Phones Prices

6920-6940-6930-Mixed_w Connect v2Find business voice over IP (VoIP) phones ranging from entry-level phones to sophisticated IP phones and devices with cordless handsets and headsets.

MiVoice IP Phones Pricing

MiCloud Connect Cloud Phone System

MiCloud Connect is an end-to-end cloud phone and unified communications solution that handles everything for you — from phones to applications to network operations — for solid performance.

Learn more about Mitel MiCloud Connect


Downloadable resources on Cloud Phone Systems, Contact Centres, Wireless and much more. 

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MiVoice Connect Resources

MiVoice Connect delivers a different approach to business communications. Unified Communications that focuses on your most important assets – your people and their goals – so your team can focus on relationships, ideas and growth, not getting the technology to work. 

Below are a selection of resources for the MiVoice Connect:

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