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MO Holdings Group

69% Call Savings with Mitel MiCloud Connect

Customer objectives

  • Replace “end of life” systems
  • Provide a one-size-fits all solution
  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration
  • Improve time efficiency
  • Reduction of physical lines
  • Cloud-Based Phone System

The solution

MO Holdings are primarily a freight forwarder and courier company, but in addition, they also have recruitment companies within the group, including one specialising in childcare services and another in dental nursing. They also have a newer venture which works in real estate. A company as diverse as this needed a solution that would work for all the different business types. Our main contact, Max Wilkinson is the IT Manager officially, but by his own admission he organises “anything with a plug on”.

MO Holdings Group

MO Holdings Group have been a Cranberry customer for several years, previously utilising a Unify OpenScape solution across their sites. The Unify systems had come to “end of life” and the customer was conscious that their legacy copper wires would also become redundant at some stage. Max looked at alternative solutions but Cranberry’s Mitel Cloud offering “seemed to be most succinct”. 




6940 trio MiCollab-1-1
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What we did


We rolled out the solution site by site in a logical order as agreed by Cranberry’s Project Manager Gemma Smith and Max.

With the Mitel Cloud solution, downtime is kept to a minimum so there was little disruption for the sites.


MO Holdings Group also has staff who are finding the Mobility feature useful. Mobility means that users can take calls via the system wherever they are on an app on their own smartphone, reducing the cost of calls while staff are out and about, and giving people the flexibility to roam around the office and not miss those all-important calls. 
 MiCloud Android_iPhone

Mitel Mobility App for iPhone and Android


One of the benefits that the MO Holdings Group have appreciated is the conferencing facility. Mitel Cloud’s solution allows all participants to either dial a designated conference number or they can choose for the system to dial them, reducing call costs. The conference can quickly be turned into a screen-sharing session using a hyperlink in the email invite, making it a really versatile feature.

Top 10 Features of the Mitel MiCloud Connect Phone System

The move to the Cloud also means that there has been a vast reduction in the number of lines across the sites and therefore the cost of line rental. The sites also benefit from free calls to local, national and mobile numbers. This has seen a drop in call charges from around £1100 per month to around £300 per month - saving 69%!


For Max Wilkinson, the biggest benefit of moving across to the Mitel Cloud solution was the ease of the system administration. Having previously had to log into 5 separate systems to carry out any moves and changes, this is all now done on one portal online.

Mitel MiCloud PortalMitel Web Admin Portal


Positive Experience

Max was especially pleased with the simplicity of the Cloud phone system and went on to say:

"Our phone system is no longer dependant on VPN’s for internal communication. Moving to a Cloud Phone System means I have more time to spend on core IT issues, rather than checking VPN’s, routers and internal links"

Max’s experience in moving to the MiCloud Phone System Cloud with Cranberry has been a huge success and commented:

“Changing Phone System or any other IT equipment can be a very daunting undertaking, however, with Cranberry we had a very positive experience"

"I would happily recommend Cranberry to others”


Max Wilkinson - IT Manager

The team at Cranberry understood my requirements for a new telephony platform and recommended the Mitel MiCloud Connect Phone System"

"I’m very pleased to say the choice we made has reduced calls charges, reduced IT Resource time managing the phone system and increased productivity with collaboration, video conferencing and mobility"

The results



40% time saved on system administration


Call charges reduced by £801 per month

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